Welcome to the portfolio of independent web designer

I offer creation of modern and accessible web pages

Before creation of graphical proposal it is needed to discuss all client requirements and then fulfill them. To make future web the most usable as possible, it is necessary to think about all items. So the first is sketch page, so called wireframe, which I firstly sketch only on paper. This “paper” sketch I do not send to client.

Work progress

After paper sketch it is needed to make at least a basic wireframe, directly in graphical editor. This easy wireframe is best solution when it is necessary to discuss some items with client.

Work progress

Now we finally come to final creation of proposal, step-by-step we tune the design according to requirements of client. In this form graphical proposal done and ready to be coded.

Work progress



I create modern graphical proposals of web pages, considering accessibility and usability. I have a several years experience with making web proposals, I have already created several tens of web presentations, from smaller company and supportive websites to bigger portals. I can offer also creation of web pages for mobile devices that are becoming more and more popular. If you are interested only in graphical proposal of websites, without follow-up coding, you will get it in well-arranged PSD file.

Price from 2500 CZK for home page,
from 500 CZK for subpage, or 300 CZK/hrs



Graphical proposal itself is only a functionless web proposal which you can see in graphical editor. For functional websites it is necessary to code it into HTML, CSS language or optionally use other technologies. I offer coding of graphical proposals to standard XHTML and CSS, in some presentation I use also the newest languages HTML5 and CSS3. I code both graphical proposal made by me and also the ones provided by you. Also I have experience in coding and preparation of templates for editorial system Wordpress.

Price from 1500 CZK for home page,
from 300 CZK for subpage, or 300 CZK/hrs

„What I do not offer, I can arrange”

If you are interested in other services as e.g. programming, application development and similar services which I do not offer, I can recommend you reliable colleagues from this area.